Is the Jury System the Best System?

Twelve strangers, or six if it is a civil trial, sit in judgment and decide your fate. No training is necessary, no basic understanding of law or justice is required. Is this the best system of justice that we can come up with?

The United States is in the minority of countries in the world utilizing the jury system, or one like it, to decide issues of life and death. In the civil arena, issues of just compensation for victims of a wrong, along with billion-dollar patent questions between the largest companies in the world, are decided by normal, everyday citizens. This system is supposed to represent a cross section of our society and to bring order to the chaos of everyday life; restoring balance to the world when a contract is violated, or the police exceed the bounds of their powers.

This system has been questioned almost since its origin over 1000 years ago, when citizens were called upon to decide the fate of their neighbors who had been accused of wrongdoing. Try as we might, the world has never been able to come up with an alternate system which is fair and impartial to all. The settlers in the new world that became America, brought with them a respect for the common law and with it the jury system to decide guilt or innocence and the compensation for wrongs inflicted.

The right to a trial by jury is written into the United States Constitution in civil cases as well as criminal cases. Its roots run deep, but how fair is a system that penalizes people who cannot think of a good enough reason not to avoid their civic duty?

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