How Do Lawyers Deal With Juror Bias?

The first step for any lawyer, before they set foot in a courtroom is to recognize that juror bias exists. It is real and it is palpable, but the reality of it is something that the justice system and the judge pay attention to, but only in the sense that the most egregious examples are dealt with.

It is the subtle bias that colors our view of the world that lawyers must come to grips with. It is not as easy as simply characterizing people with broad strokes: Democrats tend to favor plaintiffs in cases or Republicans favor large corporations. Plaintiffs' attorneys sometimes fall into the trap of labeling people and trying to simply get a certain "category" of juror to sit on their case. Working- or middle-class individuals are felt to be the most sympathetic to an injured party, but that person may feel that an award of $50,000.00 is a great deal of money for a person, even if they are left with a lifelong injury. Business executives are stricken if possible, because of their alleged sympathy for corporations, when it may be the business executive, used to dealing with large sums of money, who knows what it takes to compensate a person for the rest of their life.

Even in a simple automobile accident case, jurors come in with a predisposition. Almost all jurors are drivers, own their own car and believe that they are paying too much for car insurance. They arrive at the courthouse blaming frivolous claims for high insurance rates and your client is one of those frivolous claimants as soon as they hear the case involves an automobile accident.

Only attorneys who recognize the hidden bias that lies in each juror can effectively develop a strategy to overcome that bias. Visit www.johnmorelli.com for more information on why it is in your interest to have a Certified Civil Trial Attorney on your side.

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