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What is Justice?

What is justice? Justice can mean many things to many people. Justice can be vengeance, retribution, or punishment. Justice can be making someone whole who has been injured. We are interested in justice, trying to allow people who have been injured back a portion of their lives. We cannot transform that person back to where things were before an accident happened, but we can help restore dignity and provide what the law allows. At the Law Offices of John Morelli, we vow to seek a full measure of justice for our clients.

What are damages?

What does the law allow when a person is injured? Our law has developed over hundreds of years into a system which allows people who have been injured to go into court and to receive "damages" for their bodily injuries. This is the only way that we can attempt to cure some of the wrongs that have been inflicted on people who have involved in serious accidents. Unfortunately, history has shown us that this is the only way to re-dress some wrongs. While it is not perfect, it is the best system that exists in the world. Our firm vows to seek out all aspects of an injured person's life and to get the highest and best recovery.

The Court System: New Jersey

In New Jersey, the court system is divided into two types of courts, state courts and federal courts. Each state has the authority to create the different courts under its own system. New Jersey Courts are made up of three levels of courts: the Superior Court (Law & Chancery), the Superior Court Appellate Division, and the Supreme Court. The Superior Court hears trials and the Superior Court Appellate Division is the first level of appeal. The final level of appeal is the New Jersey Supreme Court. There are 7 Justices who sit on the New Jersey Supreme Court.

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