Truck Accidents

When the National Highway system was proposed by President Eisenhower, the roads were initially envisioned solely for civilian use. They did not intend for them to be used as a major throughway for commercial transportation, instead figuring that the forthcoming cargo-jet airplanes, supplemented by rail freight, could easily handle the nation's shipping needs. Well, as anyone who has driven on a highway recently would tell you, that is not how things have shaped up to be.

Highways are frequently clogged with larger and larger vehicles, carrying as much as weight as physically possible on the same roads that are meant to ferry mainly passengers. Because of this, the potential for injuries has heightened, as truck drivers' haul over-night trips with regularity across the country. As a result, there has been an increase in the number of overall motor vehicle accidents where commercial trucks are involved.

It's only a simple matter of physics to know that, when the two vehicles collide, the bigger one has more mass and thus more force in its impact. This can lead to devastating injuries in incidents that otherwise, if it was only a collision between two cars, would normally result in much less damage.

And while the driver is usually an individual covered by their own auto-insurance, this is only for their own medical bills. Truck drivers, meanwhile are on the job and can be covered through workers' compensation and other benefits their union may have negotiated. This leaves the individual at an even greater disadvantage, since without the help of at attorney with extensive experience in handling trucking accidents, they could potentially be facing the legal might of the commercial trucking company's lawyers.

But, New Jersey has several statutes in place which regulate how commercial trucks are supposed to operate within the state, keeping them bound by a tight set of rules. Sometimes the many rules set out in the New Jersey Department of Transportation guidelines, for commercial trucking may not have been followed correctly, leading to an increased risk of collision. Certain information must be visible at all times, posted for others to see, and the trucks must be regularly inspected to ensure that they are up to standards. Had any of these not occurred, this creates a more dangerous environment for those travelling on the same roadway as the truck.

Drivers who are allowed to drive for more than the permitted time on the road become a hazard to other vehicles. It is important to select a law firm that has experience and an understanding of the rules in this very complex area.

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