Slip and Fall Cases

When you are involved in a slip, trip and fall incident, sometimes it can be difficult to figure out exactly what caused the incident. With seconds, a change in terrain below them, anyone could be sent to the ground with little to no idea as to why they fell. And the fall, just like a car accident, an injury may not become fully apparent until some time after the fact. It's natural for some people to attempt to 'walk-it-off', only to realize minutes, hours, or even days later that you may have been seriously hurt.

When property owners fail to comply with their duty of care, not maintaining safe conditions that could result in potential injury, it is their fault when someone does trip and fall. The rules however are different depending upon whether the property was commercial property or residential property. The rules are also different depending on the reason you were on the property. For example, the legal duty owed to a trespasser is much less than the legal duty owed to someone who is on the property to conduct business. There could have been warnings given, many times proprietors know full well a step may need to be repaired or a curb is crumbling, but choose not to fix it to save costs. Or, in the case of when remodeling or construction is being done, signs must be posted to alert patrons of potentially adverse conditions. These aren't just common sense practices, but laws put into place by the state of New Jersey to protect people from injury that every single property must comply with.

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