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Who Will Pay For My Medical Treatment During My Case?

DamagesWhen you get hurt and are involved in a personal injury lawsuit, you will likely still be receiving treatment while your case is ongoing. Prior to having the other party found as being "at-fault" for your injuries, hospitals and doctors nonetheless are going to want to get paid. How exactly do you get your treatment paid for?

Every case is unique, and it is very difficult to speak in generalities. Getting medical care paid for can be complicated and varies due to a number of factors.

Medical Treatment for Auto Accident Victims

For Auto-Accident cases, New Jersey has set up PIP (Personal Injury Protection) for instances like this. When you are injured in an auto accident, the options you have depends on your policy. If you have a PIP policy, you may be able to get your insurance company to pay for a limited amount of necessary medical care. The amount of coverage you purchased in your policy will determine how much, if any, of your medical costs will be covered.

If you are in such a situation, with a PIP policy covering your care, your auto-insurance company will be allowed to approve any medical procedures you receive related to the case. Frequently, they will deny or delay approving care and even contest the necessity of certain practices. Other times, they will insist on having a person go through cheaper, less effective methods of care before getting the procedures they really need. That's why it's crucial to have an attorney with experience against insurance companies handling your case. Without a lawyer fighting for you, auto-insurance companies aren't going to be generous about getting you the best care possible.

Medical Treatment for Slip and Fall Victims

Slip and Fall Cases are different because you don't have the preexisting structure of PIP to determine who pays what and how. Exactly how medical costs will play out is hard to say, it depends on the health insurance coverage of the victim, the property insurance coverage of the defendant, and a variety of other issues such as the overall nature of the injury involved. In general, if a person is hurt from a fall they will go to the hospital and use their own personal insurance to pay for their treatment. Continued treatment would be done through their health insurance until the completion of the case, during which the insurance company may want to be reimbursed for the care given. Insurance companies can demand such reimbursement only in certain limited circumstances under New Jersey law.

Getting Your Treatment Paid For

When an injury victim successfully wins a case, any of their unpaid medical costs related to that case may be paid for by the defendant or their insurance. Prior to then, it can be difficult to assess all the benefits available and get the care that you need paid for. That's why it's important that, if you have been injured, that you call and talk to a personal injury lawyer to see what your options may be.

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