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Personal Injury Damages

Personal InjuryPersonal injury lawyers can help ensure that their clients receive the maximum amount of damages recoverable by law. Some of the items for which injured parties are legally entitled to compensation include past and future lost wages; past and future medical expenses; damages for both physical and emotional pain and suffering, again both past and present; and damages for disfigurement.

Loss of Consortium Claims in New Jersey

Sometimes, a close family member of the injured person, such as his or her spouse, may also be entitled to damages, often referred to "loss of consortium damages," which are intended to compensate the loved one for the loss of the injured party's services and companionship.

For anyone who has seen a loved one recover from an injury, it can be a harrowing process not least due to the emotional difficulties in seeing them hurt. People do not live in cocoons, we are generally social animals who strive for companionship, friendship, and contact with others. When someone else in your family is affected by something, indirectly so are you. If interacting with that person in a certain way was part of your daily, weekly, monthly routine, and you are now no longer able to do so because of an injury or a medical procedure they underwent, your life can be greatly disrupted.

Anytime someone is hurt, there may be consequences which affect not just to the injured. Loved ones are also impacted when a member of their family cannot function as they previously could. It's possible a husband or a wife can feel a loss of intimacy due to the other's injuries. A loss of companionship can have dramatic reverberations which can be difficult for some to understand. That's why the law in New Jersey has instituted "Loss of Consortium" claims specifically to address these issues. When a loved one is hurt, their spouse could be entitled to file a "Loss of Consortium" claim to receive compensation for the losses felt by another's injury.

Other Types of Damages

Other kinds of damages that may be awarded, depending on the laws of the state in which the lawsuit is brought and the facts of the particular case, include "hedonic damages," which are awarded to compensate the plaintiff for the loss of enjoyment of activities that he or she once valued but can no longer participate in as a result of the injuries suffered, such as the inability of a person injured in a car accident to continue playing softball on a recreation league that was a big part of his or her life.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are awarded when the defendant's conduct was particularly egregious and the court or jury determines that the defendant should be punished by paying an amount above and beyond the plaintiff's actual damages, which awards will also serve to deter others from engaging in similar wrongful conduct.

Getting injured isn't something that anyone would bring upon themselves. To get care and see doctors, you might need to miss work. And taking time off from work can lead to lost wages, which won't help when the bills for the doctors and medical care start to come in. And even if you are able to go back to work, assuming that your employer allowed you to take time off, it may be more difficult now that you are dealing with an injury. Such a situation can lead to troublesome complications in other areas of life, too, such as relationships with family or even one's own emotional construct. That is why, it is recommended that a personal injury claim is made. For the state of New Jersey, victims of the negligence of others, by whatever means, have a legal right to make a claim for compensation. You may have been going about your day normally, when all of the sudden a car accident occurs or, dangerous conditions lead to a slip and fall incident. In addition to happening all too often, these tragic events can affect your life in more ways than one. Obtaining a skilled attorney is the best possible defense one can have to make sure that their claim is handled properly and that all possible legal avenues are explored.

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