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What Does Contingency Fees Mean In Personal Injury Cases?

There are several different ways in which attorneys bill their clients, but New Jersey law stipulates that personal injury lawyers may handle cases on a contingency fee basis. Doing so democratizes the legal system by allowing an attorney to assist an injured victim, regardless of their economic circumstances.

How A Contingency Fee Arrangement Works

A contingency fee arrangement asks for no upfront money in exchange for the services of the attorney handling the case. Instead, the attorney is paid a portion of the settlement, typically one-third. New Jersey strictly regulates the amount that can be charged under a contingency agreement. There are risks for the lawyer in choosing their cases; if they are unsuccessful in receiving a settlement, they cannot demand a fee. That is why most personal injury lawyers will only take a case if they truly feel they can win a settlement for their clients.

No Upfront Costs Empowers Clients Of All Backgrounds

Contingency fee arrangements allow attorneys to accept cases from people of all backgrounds; the victims spend no money on attorneys' fees to obtain quality legal representation. It's important for a victim to remember that when an attorney accepts a case, they do so knowing full well they could end up losing a great deal of time, money and effort. Personal injury cases can be expensive to pursue; the median cost of an auto accident case that goes to trial is $10,000 to $20,000 for a premises liability claim.

Should the case be successful, the attorney will have the right to claim their case costs in addition to their contingency fee. Their costs can vary depending on the length of the case. About 95 percent of all cases settle out of court without a trial, and going to trial is a significant cost for both sides. For cases that don't go to trial, the greatest costs will likely be in holding depositions and seeking the testimony of expert witnesses. Depositions and testimonies require a stenographer present and can be recorded by a videographer for the record as well. Sometimes, an expert witness will be hired, like a surgeon or a doctor, to give a deposition testimony to demonstrate the nature of the injury. All of these are costs which can be put forth by the plaintiff's attorney during the case.

The Best Way To Fight Insurance Companies' Deep Pockets

Contingency fees give clients a big advantage against insurance companies and those with the ability to absorb heavy legal fees. Clients can retain skilled lawyers for no upfront money and are not responsible if their cases do not succeed.

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