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Personal Injury Claims And Litigation

Personal InjuryJohn Morelli, Attorney at Law, has been serving the legal needs of injury victims for more than 37 years. We offer representation in many types of personal injury cases. While motor vehicle accidents are discussed in detail elsewhere on the website, this section is devoted to educating readers about other types of injury cases we handle and what they should know about personal injury litigation.

What Type Of Personal Injury Case Do You Have?

Our firm is ready to represent you if you have been injured in any of the following scenarios:

Injuries on dangerous premises: If you suffered injuries due to unsafe conditions on private or public property, you'll want to know more about our premises liability practice. A major aspect of this practice is accidents involving slippery surfaces, which is why we also have a slip-and-fall accidents page.

Dangerous and defective products: Each year, thousands of Americans (including children) suffer serious injuries and even death because of unsafe consumer products. These can include children's toys, household items, tainted food, appliances and pharmaceutical drugs. These injuries fall under the legal category of product liability.

Dangerous animals: Owners of dogs and other animals need to ensure that their pets are properly socialized and properly restrained. Serious injuries occur when vicious animals are allowed to attack neighbors and other passersby. Read more on our dog bites and animal attacks page.

Neck and back injuries: These tend to be among the most debilitating of injuries, and they can occur in any number of accident scenarios. Learn more about why spinal cord injuries can be especially devastating.

All About Personal Injury Litigation

Before engaging in litigation, it's important to understand personal injury basics, including what types of damages you may be able to claim. If you are not sure whether it is appropriate to pursue litigation, you may want to read our guide on 10 things you should know before filing a claim.

Many accident victims want to know more about lawsuit timelines and processes. You may be wondering how long it will take to settle your injury claim. As far as your trial is concerned (if a trial is necessary), we have also compiled two helpful guides. The first is your guide to testifying in court, and the second is your guide to common arguments defense lawyers make in injury cases.

Medical Costs And Legal Expenses

Are you worried about paying your medical bills and paying your attorney? You're certainly not alone, and we have some information that may help put your mind at ease.

Our firm offers free initial consultations and takes all cases on a contingency basis. To understand what these terms mean, please visit our page explaining contingency fees for personal injury lawyers.

Because litigation can take time to complete, you may be worried about medical costs while your case is working its way through the system. Feel free to visit our page called: Who will pay for my medical treatment during my case?

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John Morelli, Attorney at Law, is based in Cherry Hill and serves clients throughout southern New Jersey. To take advantage of a free initial consultation with a highly experienced personal injury lawyer, call us at 856-528-3205 or send us an email.

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