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case resultsAcross the web, the firm has won rave reviews from clients. John Morelli currently holds a perfect "10.0" rating on Avvo.com, based on the testimonials of other lawyers and his excellent record. In 2012, Avvo named Mr.Morelli a "Client's Choice" for Personal Injury. We have included other real-life testimonials from around the web, which you can see for yourself on these various sites, such as Avvo and NJBusinessFinder, our firm has always worked as hard as possible to get results for our clients.

The purpose of personal injury litigation is to compensate a person for what that person has lost. As the law recognizes that an injured victim has suffered an injury because of the negligence of another, the person physically cannot be made the same person as he or she was before the injury.

The only way to compensate a person for their loss is try to arrive at a monetary figure that, as best as possible, compensates the injured victim for the losses suffered. The purpose of compensation is not to make a person rich, but simply to compensate an injured victim for the loss suffered. As the purpose is to compensate that particular injured victim for his or her loss, no two injuries are exactly alike. The impact an injury has had on each individual person will vary with that particular person. Thus, in properly evaluating a claim, it is important to know the nature and extent that the injury has affected the particular injured victim.

While our focus is on the individual client, representing real people with real problems, compensation is just one part of this process. Here are some examples:

1. A 17 year old boy was injured while operating a piece of dangerous machinery. The skin was ripped off of his hand while he was working the machine. He went to an attorney, who held onto the case for 2 years. One week before the 2 year limitation period was to expire, that attorney told him that there was nothing that could be done with regard to a recovery. The attorney terminated his services and the left the young man with nowhere to turn. This young man contacted John Morelli who immediately saw the potential in the case that the other attorney had failed to realize. In New Jersey, a minor who is working around dangerous machinery, is not limited to the traditional Workers Compensation recovery. Only an attorney with John Morelli's experience and knowledge could have realized this. He was able to turn a matter that another attorney had rejected into a very substantial recovery for this young man.

2. A young mother of two was driving to the supermarket one day when a vehicle made a left turn in front of her at an intersection. She swerved to avoid the collision but her car hit the curb, flipping it over and landing on its roof. The crash fractured the young woman's neck, making her a quadriplegic. The person who made the left turn in front of this young mother only had the basic minimal insurance policy in the State of New Jersey. That policy wouldn't even begin to cover the pain and suffering that this young family was forced to endure for the rest of their lives. Originally, her family brought the case to one of the largest personal injury law firms in Southern New Jersey. That firm examined the case and decided that there was no other avenue of recovery that could be had. The large law firm then terminated their representation of this young woman. The young woman then brought the matter to another well known personal injury law firm in Southern New Jersey. The matter was handled by a senior partner at that law firm, who again could find no way to recover against any other entity for this accident. The senior partner in that firm referred the matter to John Morelli who then undertook and engineering investigation of the roadway itself, and in particular, the curb that this young woman struck. That investigation revealed that the curb was 3 inches higher than standards called for. The investigation also revealed that the curb was installed by someone in the public works department who "borrowed" curb forms from a friend of his at a construction company in order to pour the curbs without any idea of how to do so. The engineer was able to conclude that the curb caused a barrier to the car's travel, causing it to flip over on its roof. Because of the defective curb, the woman was able to recover a substantial sum against the municipality.

3. Young Jane was 2 years old when she went with her mother and grandmother to pick up the cake for her birthday. As her mother entered a major highway, she was traveling too fast in a rain storm, causing her vehicle to spin and slide into the highway in front of a large dump truck. The dump truck struck the vehicle, ejecting young Jane from the vehicle and subjecting her grandmother to very serious injuries. There were eyewitnesses at the scene who concluded that it was Jane's mother's fault for spinning out on the on ramp directly in front of the dump truck. The state police conducted an extensive investigation and came to the same conclusion, that the truck driver was not at fault. When John Morelli investigated the accident along with an accident reconstruction specialist, he commissioned a video animation of how the accident happened. He conducted extensive discovery including depositions of the truck driver and his driving history. That discovery revealed that this driver was operating an overloaded vehicle and was late for his scheduled drop off. Not only was he late, but he was traveling over the speed limit in the rain. All of these factors combined with the mother's vehicle spinning out of control caused the accident. However, if the driver was traveling at an appropriate rate of speed for the conditions, he could have avoided the mother's vehicle and the accident would have been avoided. These facts were demonstrated in the animation that was provided, resulting in a substantial recovery for the young mother.

4. Sue was a newly married woman whose husband wanted to take her for a ride on his new ATV vehicle. Unfortunately, her husband had been drinking that afternoon and was traveling very fast along a dirt road. While this road was a rural road and not paved, it was a public road where vehicles traveled. As the ATV came around the corner, there was a van traveling in the opposite direction which struck it. Sue was thrown from the ATV and suffered very significant injuries. It turned out that the van which had struck the ATV was uninsured. It also turned out that the husband had not purchased any insurance on the ATV. There appeared to be no ability to recover for Sue's life altering injuries. John Morelli was able to determine that Sue's mother-in-law also used the home as her primary residence. Sue's mother-in-law was a responsible person who maintained automobile insurance, including uninsured motorist coverage. As a resident relative of her mother-in-law, John Morelli was able to get her access to that uninsured motorist coverage. This was a recovery that could only be had by knowing the complex rules for uninsured motorist coverage.

5. John was a man who was in his late twenties when his car was struck in the rear by a dump truck while he was stopped at a red traffic signal. The dump truck driver did not even realize that he had struck john and pushed his vehicle forward until another motorist signaled the dump truck driver to stop. John's injuries appeared to be not serious and he did not seek extensive medical attention. He was offered a settlement by the insurance company which appeared to be reasonable. When he discussed that settlement with John Morelli, John Morelli has John questions about his current medical situation. John was having pain radiating down his legs and into his feet. John Morelli's experience in handling complex medical claims made him recommend to John not to accept the settlement, but to seek a second opinion from a qualified orthopedic surgeon as well as a neurologist. When John did so, he discovered that he had a significant low back injury, one that required surgery with internal screws and plates to hold the spine in place. The ultimate result in the case was a recovery over 20 times higher than the initial offer made by the insurance company.

• Five year old child ejected from an uninsured at fault vehicle. John Morelli was able to establish liability on a truck driver and achieve a $1,600.00 million dollar recovery for facial and shoulder fractures.

• 26 year old woman with fractured hip from truck collision resulting in a $600,000.00 recovery

• 39 year old woman hit by driver with limited insurance, car thrown into curb, fractured spine. $3,000,000.00 recovery against municipality that installed curb.

• Driver rear-ended by dump truck, lumbar spinal fusion. $500,000.00 recovery

• 39 year old woman who fell down stairs due to defective stair tread, knee replacement. $650,000.00 recovery.

• 56 year old woman who was involved in an automobile accident and suffered a severe concussion resulting in a $750,000.00 recovery.

• 30 year old woman involved in an automobile accident and suffered a torn abdominal muscle. $400,000.00 recovery.

• 9 year old girl bitten by a dog. $2,000,000.00 recovery.

These are only some of the results achieved over the years. Each case varies according to its individual facts.

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